Create an account: step by step

To create an account you will need:

  • an email address
  • a mobile phone

Using both your email address and mobile number is known as ‘multifactor identification’. It increases the security of your account.

If you create an account and begin making a notification, you will be the only person who can edit it. You can download or print any information you have entered if you need to share it with colleagues or clients.

Step 1

Enter your email address and choose ‘Send verification code’.

Step 2

You will be sent an email that contains a 6-digit code. Enter this into the verification code field and choose ‘Verify code’.

If you do not receive your verification email, or if it expires, choose ‘Send new code’ to be sent another email.

Step 3

Enter a new password in the password field and enter it again to confirm it.

Your password must be at least 8 characters and include letters, numbers and symbols.

Step 4

Select your country, enter your mobile number and choose ‘Send code’.

If you do not receive your verification SMS, or if it has expired, choose ‘Send a new code’ to be sent another SMS.

Step 5

Enter the code you have been sent by SMS and choose ‘Verify code’.

You will be taken to the ‘Manage your NSI Act notifications’ screen. From here you can start creating your first notification.