Submit a National Security and Investment notification

Use this service to notify the government of acquisitions that fall under the National Security and Investment Act 2021 (NSI Act).

The service can be used by:

  • notifying parties (such as acquirers)
  • representatives of notifying parties (such as law firms)

You can sign in to view the status of notifications you've started or submitted.

Information Gathering

In exercising its statutory functions under the National Security and Investment Act 2021, the Investment Security Unit within the Cabinet Office may observe, monitor, record, retain and share within government internet data which is available to anyone. This is known as 'open source' material and includes:

  • News reports
  • Internet sites
  • Public records such as Companies House and Land Registry
  • Blogs and social networking sites where no privacy settings have been applied

The Cabinet Office may also use third party service providers, including aggregators of open-source information, to obtain information.

Start now

Before you start

You should collect all the information you need before using this service to submit your notification.

Read the NSI Act guidance to check when you:

  • are legally required to notify the government about an acquisition
  • can voluntarily notify the government about an acquisition

These documents list all the questions you'll be asked, with guidance and examples to help you provide the right information: